PSK visualizes on nurturing children into knowledgeable and respectable individuals with proficient communication and high self-esteem, helping them to be moral and broad-minded, so as to emerge as constructive social contributors inspiring the world with their intellectual, cultural, aesthetic and physical values.

When challenges grow in Magnitude, there is only one tool to break through all barriers - Quality Education. Quality is not merely in developing a child academically but goes beyond that and involves the nurturing of the child into a better individual both morally and intellectually. This is what PSK offers to its budding young generation

  • To cater to every single educational need of each child.
  • To Offer every amenity in the campus in which every child gets an opportunity to excel.
  • To develop their creative skills.
  • To Establish and foster a culture of understanding amidst students, staff and parents.
  • To Prepare them to meet the world and future with a positive approach